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Purchase Sunken Steamboats Booklets, Posters and Commemorative Postcards

What ever happened to all of the steamboats that once ruled the Mississippi? The stories are as varied as the steamboats were. Near Genoa, over 30 steamboats sank, and there they still lie, buried in silt and sand. Learn about them in "Bella Danger," and see where they lie on the informative poster. These fascinating stories and pictures will bring history to life.

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Bella Danger [Booklet]
7" x 8" 24-page booklet. Contains photos, maps, aerial photos and information about 32 steamboats that sunk on the Mississippi River between Trempealeau and Victory, WI. Includes information about the War Eagle and Lady Franklin, both of which participated in the original Grand Excursion flotilla. $10.00

17" x 22" full color poster on glossy paper. Shows locations of 32 sinkings as early as 1854. Sites between Trempealeau and Victory, WI. $8.00

Commemorative Postcard
6" x 3" postcard. Can be used as cache for a special cancellation. Depicts the War Eagle from the 1854 Grand Excursion and the Mississippi Queen, participant in 2004 Grand Excursion. 60